7 days money back guarantee, no question asked

What products are refund-able

All purchases (excluding support renewal) at aredsun.com via PayPal are covered by our "7 days No Questions Asked Refund Policy". Usage of our products for 7 days, will assure of our high quality applications. If you are not convinced, you can ask for refund, which would be duly processed back for you, no questions asked in 48hrs. Please read the guidelines governing the refund policy.

How it works?

Not Happy? Request in 48hrs  Get your money back

Why can't I get my refund?

RedSun Technologies reserves the right to refuse refunds if any efforts of refund policy abuse are detected.

If you fall into one or more of the below, we're sorry: You are NOT eligible for Refund.

  • Refund is not applicable after 7 days since the date of your purchase.
  • Refund is not applicable on support renewals.
  • Refund is applicable for PayPal payment only.
  • Refund would be denied if we can not receive any license deactivation code from you or the license deactivation code cannot be verified.
  • Refund would be denied in any other abuse cases.

Where to request a refund?

Please submit your request below. Stay calm and we shall get back on your request within 48hrs on weekdays. If you submit your refund during the weekend, we'll get back to you at the earliest on Monday.