How to get update notify

You can view the version information on the SPListTreeViewEx tool pane. If there is a new version available, you will get a notify on the pane.

To get the update notify in a more timely manner, you can join our Mailing List. Just browse our web site and on the bottom of any web page, you will find the subscription form.


How to upgrade to the latest release

If the latest release is available, you need to download it from our web site. It is unnecessary to uninstall the old version before upgrading.

Please close all opened Windows Explorers and other unnecessary programs before the operation and perform the following steps:

  1. Locate the SPListTreeViewEx installation package unzipped folder on your SharePoint Web Front End server.
  2. Double-click on setup.exe to launch the installation wizard.
  3.  Click [Next] button to perform a system check.
  4. 3. Click [Next] button to upgrade or remove the product.
  5. Ensure you choose the “Upgrade” option, then click [Next] button.
  6.  Click [Next] button to perform repairing operation.  Depending on your environment, this step may take some time before you see the following message.
  7.  Click [Next] button to review the summary screen.  
  8.  Click [Close] button to finish upgrading SPListTreeViewEx web part.