Modifying the properties on the web part tool pane

To configure SPListTreeViewEx Web Part, make sure you have required permission to modify the page. 

  1. Select [Edit Web Part] from the menu accessed at the upper right corner of the Web Part.
  2. Specify the required List and View properties for this web part. Other properties are optional.
    To set a value to List, you have two options:
    • Directly type the URL of the list or folder in the text box above Load List button, then click Load List.
    • Click Browse..., and select the list or a folder, then click Load List

    To set a value to View, make sure that you have selected or loaded a list or folder. Then select a view name from the View dropdown box.
  3. Set the other properties. The following properties are all optional:
      • Theme - Select a theme for the web part. You can preview all theme in the dropdown list.
      • Row List - A possible list user can select in navigation pager. Each one specifies how many items should be shown in the web part.
      • Row Number - Specified how many items will be shown in the current view. The value should be listed in 'Row List' above.
      • Enable Common Menu - Show SharePoint common ECB menus or not.
      • Enable Custom Menu - Show or hide custom menus added by SharePoint Features.
      • Enable Ribbon Tab - Show or hide the contextual ribbon tab.
      • Show Toolbar - Show or hide the toolbar.
      • Enable Breadcrumb Navigation - Show or hide the breadcrumb.
      • Hide left pane initially - If selected, the left pane will be hidden initially.
      • Link the title to the original View - If selected, when clicking the web part title, user will be redirect to the View page.
      • Show folders in the grid - Display folders in the right pane or not.

Using query parameters

Two query parameters are required to define for the SPListTreeViewEx web part to specify the root folder URL and View ID as following:
Root=<encoded folder URL>&ViewID={GUID}
Here is a sample, image the URL of the page which is housing the SPListTreeViewEx web part is:, the URL of the destination list or folder is: Documents, and the GUID of the View you want to display is {519C4DA2-246B-43D8-8B9B-3EA3082EAB51}, so you can pass the following full URL to render the contents of specified folder and View: com%2FSites%2FLibs%2FShared%20Documents&ViewID={519C4DA2-246B-43D8-8B9B-3EA3082 EAB51}

  1. If the properties List and View have been set on the web part tool pane, these values will be overwritten by the query parameters.
  2. The value of the parameter Root should always be encoded to convert characters into a format that can be transmitted over the Internet. 
  3. Other properties, such as Theme, Breadcrumb and Context-Menu, still need to be specified on the web part tool pane (see below) if required.

Modifying View Settings

SPListTreeViewEx doesn’t provide any configuration UI for modifying List View repeatedly. The most common scenario is that user often want to change the order of folder or other columns initially.

To change the settings for the View, simply navigate to the original list or document library “Edit View” page.  

Currently, SPListTreeViewEx supports the following List View settings: 

  • Columns
  • Sort
  • Filter
  • Group By

 NOTE: Currently only one group level is supported.