1. Log in any one of the SharePoint Sites on your Web Front-End (WFE) server as SharePoint Farm Administrator.

NOTE: In previous versions, you must install and activate the license in SharePoint 2010 Central Administration site. However, we have migrated the License Management Application from SharePoint 2010 Central Administration site into Site Collection on WFE. So in a 3-tier Architecture, if Central Administration lies in Application Server (the middle tier), you needn’t install SPListTreeViewEx/SPListTreeView web part on Application Server like before.


2. From the Site Actions menu, select Site Settings.



3. In Site Collection Administration group, click Site Collection features link



4. Make sure the feature RedSun Web Application License Manager has been activated.



5. Return back to Site Settings page by clicking the top navigation link “Site Collection Administration”, you should see a new group, SPListTreeViewEx License Management (or SPListTreeView License Management), on this page.




6. Select Check License Status from SPListTreeViewEx License Management (or SPListTreeView License Management).



7. Write down the Hardware ID string. In fact, you can high light the whole string with mouse, press [ctrl]+”C”, then [ctrl]+”V” to paste it to your email body.
Please send the hardware ID string to us via email.
NOTE: Before you send the hardware ID to us, make sure it is correct.



8. After you receive the license file, please save it to your server’s disk. Then click Activate License link.



9. Click Browse button to upload your license file, then click OK button.
NOTE, some browser don’t support upload function (such as FireFox), you need enter the full path of the license file in the Text Box instead.


10. Now check the license status again to make sure it is activated.


If you have any trouble, please contact us directly.