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The best SharePoint tree view web part with awesome features. Compatible with SharePoint 2010 / 2013 /2016.

SPListTreeViewEx web part

Outstanding Core Features

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    Feeling like Windows Explorer and SharePoint OOTB Document Library (or List), the SPListTreeViewEx web part gives you with familiar UI, dialog, context menu, toolbar and Ribbon Tab. It is extremely easy to use.
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    Cross Site Collection and Site

    With the SPListTreeViewEx web part, you can visit and manage any document libraries (or Lists) even though they are created on other Site Collections or Sites. You also can migrate multiple folders and documents from one document library to another in different Site Collection or Site without worrying about any metadata and document history info lost, if the two library have the same settings.
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    Highly performance

    From the outset, the SPListTreeViewEx web part was designed for handling large Document Libraries and huge list items. Based on its incredible capabilities, the web part is the ideal choice for enterprises seeking outstanding efficiency.
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    Highly scalable

    The SPListTreeViewEx web part is an open system, which can load any custom context menu items in correct order. Moreover, since the web part is designed in accordance with SharePoint schema, it is very easy to add custom Ribbon controls to the web part Contextual Ribbon Tab.
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    Built-in 24 themes

    Although the web part styles are fully customizable, it is shipped with 24 excellent designed themes and brings users great conveniences.

Main Features



Taking full advantage of the AJAX technology to deliver an unsurpassed responsiveness and user experience.

deployment & config

Deployment and configuration

Using RedSun Easy Setup Wizard and Configuration Panel, the setup process is simple, enjoyable and relaxing.



Performing security trimming in every action based on the identity of the current user.

Bulk operation

Bulk operation

Supports bulk edit, bulk migrate, bulk check in / check out, bulk upload / download, bulk copy, bulk delete.

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop

Supports standard file operations such as 'drag and drop' whereby dragging files and folders onto another folder.

Search and Filter

Search and Filter

Easily locate the folder through the Search with Autocomplete feature. When handling large document library, additional filters can be applied in real time for increasing performance by using the Filter feature.



Quickly navigate through folders and documents with an intuitive hierarchical tree structure. Beside this, the breadcrumb can be used for navigation as if navigating in Windows Explorer.

UI Widgets

Ribbon, Toolbar and Context menu

Load SharePoint built-in context menu and other third party context menu with their predefined orders. Display Contextual Ribbon Tab and Toolbar with functionalities which is the same with SharePoint.

More features

More feature...

  • Upload multiple documents for non-IE browsers
  • Sorting, Pagination, Group support
  • Compatible with SharePoint Foundation 2010 / 2013, SharePoint Server 2010 / 2013, SharePoint 2016.
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